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about analytic medtek consultantThe Internet has caused big business to become small and personal, while at the same time it has enabled the smallest of businesses to become big ones . . . these are simple truths we have seen unfold over the past several years, allowing large firms to penetrate new areas of revenue, growth and to expand markets.

Similarly, start-ups have been able to create global reach through the Internet as well, allowing small groups, companies, even remote universities to become bigger in scope by providing the same access as the large companies have had for years. For the most part, the playing field has been leveled allowing new technologies and competition to become explosive.

Given the new global commerce, where information transfers on a 24/7 cycle, AMC brings Healthcare Economic Analysis using SAS quantitative methods to provide valuable information and investment clarity in emerging markets and new technologies.

AMC’s group of associates span most major cities in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia throughout the world providing specialty analysis in areas such as:

->Global competitive technology assessments
>Foreign market investment analysis
– Government sector analysis
– Public sector analysis

-Trade analysis
-Global material supply determinants
-Global demand determinants

->Market positions
->Economic analysis; Revenues, Growth, forecasts