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AMC Approach

We believe that the past doesn’t always foreshadow the future.  Accounting and financial models that forecast revenues, costs, profitability, cash flows and return on investment are essential tools in business decisions.  Indeed, when a company considers capital investment in technology for organic growth or by acquisition, key assessments are generally derived from accounting data and financial assumptions.  These are and have been the Gold Standard by which companies create estimated financial numbers to determine a trajectory of the future. However, Economic models, based on real market forces can provide additional beneficial information as a powerful component of assessing probabilities of future events.


The financial model assumes many things about the demand for your product, service or technology, which cannot be measured through an extrapolation of past events or assumptions about how the same components will perform in the future.

The world is evolving rapidly.  Markets, technologies and competitors are moving at a Geometric rate rather than an Arithmetic rate.  These patterns are driven by new competitors entering your market, (domestically or globally), with new technologies for manufacturing or products for the consumer market.  Adding visibility through enhanced econometric and quantitative statistical analysis reduces risk and adds intelligibility to your investment decision.  Mature businesses and technologies are often eclipsed in as little as 18 months by new market entries or new technologies.  Similarly, for early stage or start-ups, it can make the difference between under or over funding the project – resulting in unnecessary dilution.  Moreover, misgauging the timelines can adversely affect a company’s ability to raise capital at a critical stage in its launch and result in lower ROI’s for investors.

Such a changing commercial world requires Analytic information on market behaviors.  As evidenced by the world’s second technological revolution, “the Internet”, Nietzsche’s words are even more profound today than ever: “Everything changes. Only nothing stays the same”.


In your decision to select AMC to assist in your capital decisions, value consideration must prevail:

  • How supply and demand models can see into the future with a more dynamic view?
  • How can companies assess the rates of technology change and its impact on demand?
  • How a company accesses information on emerging technologies not yet on the commercial stage?


AMC will first assess your value consideration; organic, acquisition, a merger or even simple partnering or cross licensing.   AMC will model information on: competitors, markets, investment opportunity costs, regulatory hurdles, trade advantages, foreign collaborations, new supply sources, supply capacities and the current commercial technologies, as well as sub commercial levels (universities, private and foreign national funded tech centers).

Using SAS (regression analysis and other econometrics) AMC will be able to offer a quantitative model affirming your future business projections or bring to light questions on assumptions that were not apparent during your financial analysis. Our analysts and associates span Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia. With previous other clients AMC’s regulatory edge has inserted companies up to 12 months sooner and at a fraction of the cost into markets where trade restrictions or blocs impede imports.   


AMC’s approach can elevate your assessment on an investment, acquisition, a merger or an R&D financial commitment in Healthcare.